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A Guide to Herniated Disc Injuries

By David Macaulay, Veritas Legal Media –

Many back injuries sustained in car crashes will clear up over time, with the exception of severe spinal injuries caused by high impact crashes.

But herniated disc injuries can be caused by low speed rear-end crashes as well as high speed wrecks. They can cause the victim serious pain and may require costly surgery in some cases.

A herniated disc

The discs are round cushions that separate the vertebrae of the spinal column. They act like spinal shock absorbers. in the court room, attorneys  often compare them to jelly doughnuts when describing them to juries.

The stress caused to the spinal column by the impact and jolting of a serious car crash can cause the disc to rupture or to move out of place. These injuries are sometimes also referred to as slipped or ruptured discs. Herniated disks are often very painful because the displaced discs can protrude out into the spinal channel and push against the spinal nerves, causing severe pain that radiates into the back, neck, legs and even the hands.

Herniated discs can be a serious medical condition the accident victim will face for the rest of their lives. Many sufferers make the mistake of believing they will go away. If you suffer from an injury like this you should immediately see a doctor and also talk to a personal injury lawyer.

Common Symptoms of Herniated Discs

Back Pain: The pain associated with a herniated disc will appear suddenly and will usually be very intense. Lower back pain is the most common symptom because the most disks most likely to herniate in a car or truck accident are the bottom two in the spinal column.

Numbness in legs, back or hands: A loss of feeling or sensation is a common symptom of a herniated disc. In some cases the victim will experience difficulty walking or performing everyday tasks.

Invasive surgery may be required  in cases of herniated discs. It can be costly and complex, leading to potential complications. Insurance companies will seek to minimize the effect of back injuries that are not catastrophic. If you have suffered from a herniated disc, you will know it’s no small deal.

These kinds of cases often result in six figure settlements if another party is to blame for the accident, that party has good insurance cover and the victim had no preexisting condition.


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